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About Beachside Naturals

We are a small home-based business on Vancouver Island. We believe in good health, both physical and mental. Our theory is that the roots of good overall health is in getting back to nature and looking after ourselves by using things in our everyday life that will not harm us or our environment...

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Hormone-disrupting chemicals negatively impact our health and economy through increased health-care costs. Avoid food packaging and to-go containers to reduce exposure to known toxic

- Dr. Leo Trasande, MD, MPP,
NYU School of Medicine
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Use clean products and support companies that go above and beyond to research ingredients. Chemicals in our daily products can impact fertility.

- Dr. Lora Shahine, MD, FACOG,
University of Washington in Seattle
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Go minimal and choose quality safe products without fragrances whenever possible. We are proud to partner with Beautycounter to advocate for stronger regulation and updated policies.

- Amanda Heier, President and CEO,
Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
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Beauty products can be a critical source of reproductive harm and environmental injustice. Support companies that provide full ingredient transparency and develop healthy products for diverse communities.

- Ami Zota, ScD, MS,
George Washington University